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1. Applicability

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2. Letter of agreement

If you do not wish to accept these terms or do not accept them in full, you are not
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Website. If you are using the website https://prodnatural.com, by doing so you
accept real Terms of Use. https://prodnatural.com, but at
has the right to refuse you on its site at any time.

3. Modification

https://prodnatural.com may be changed at any time
website info https://prodnatural.com, Terms of Use and
Conditions. https://prodnatural.com advises regularly consult the General
Terms of Use https://prodnatural.com

4. Target

https://prodnatural.com strives
provide the visitor with product information in the broadest sense. At
products offered https://prodnatural.comTerms
https://prodnatural.com applicable. Products and services
offered by partners affiliate program https://prodnatural.com at
shop https://prodnatural.com and (in part) on the websites are
Usually, the terms of the respective partner also apply. At order
combined packages via https://prodnatural.com terms
https://prodnatural.com or its partners together are applicable,
depending on the part, provided by https://prodnatural.com or its partner
package. https://prodnatural.com strives to provide the right
information, but does not guarantee that the provided information
correct or current. Although https://prodnatural.com collected
information on the site https://prodnatural.com with the utmost care
and makes every effort to ensure that this information is as accurate as possible,
up-to-date and complete, based on this information cannot be obtained any rights.

5. Hyperlinks

The site https://prodnatural.com contains hyperlinks to the site
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https://prodnatural.com is not responsible for this site andfact
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6. Property

All rights to the site https://prodnatural.com and all
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7. Information

Website https://prodnatural.com and the information it contains
are provided in as you find them here, without any express or implied
guarantee. Statements and opinions expressed in statements about
https://prodnatural.com pages are owned by the author(s) and not
(required) from https://prodnatural.com. is not allowed
information that the site https://prodnatural.com gets to change,
copy, distribute, create or link to another other website to do
be available to third parties or otherwise used as stated in this
public article.

8. License

https://prodnatural.com grants you as a visitor the right to use
information on the site for personal purposes only. It is allowed
to be used for illegal activities or actions that, in accordance with these Terms of Use or
laws don't allow it. https://prodnatural.com This is subject to this
Terms of use permitted for use in to the extent technically necessary
consult and do. https://prodnatural.com is available for search by search
engines https://prodnatural.com information Any other use is express
prohibited. AT in particular, it is forbidden to control
https://prodnatural.com or reproduce. This also applies to data and
the content to be unblocked. https://prodnatural.comby and related pages
Also https://prodnatural.com forbidden to share or not —
download, an integral part of using what is allowed to upload electronic
messages designed to work on the above website,
server processing power https://prodnatural.com for others
goals interfere.

9. Security

https://prodnatural.com is committed to protecting its site from
viruses or malware, or a server on its website
the state of the technology with the corresponding security.

10. Publication messages

Messages that the visitor https://prodnatural.com leaves for
other to others read, have a clear and provable connection with the content
https://prodnatural.com must and must not conflict public
order or morality is not offensive or otherwise objectionable to be
illegal against third parties or the rights of others, no grounds for
to be the subject of a criminal or civil legal proceedings without violations and contain
no viruses or other malicious files. https://prodnatural.com is not there
thus ensuring that messages made available to third parties kept
secret. https://prodnatural.com is entitled refuse, delete or change
and/or grant it. Notices to judicial authorities

11. Liability

https://prodnatural.com excludes any liability for any direct,
indirect and consequential damages for any was the reason
arising as a result of or in connection with using the website
https://prodnatural.com, especially due to damage in the broadest
sense of the word, using any products https://prodnatural.com offers
on your website. Also close https://prodnatural.com any responsibility
as a result of using information on site
https://prodnatural.com or as a search result access to any other
information through hyperlinks to third parties from the website
https://prodnatural.com or temporary inability to access
website https://prodnatural.com, except when damage
Was caused by intent or negligence https://prodnatural.com.

12. Conversion

If any provision of the present The terms of use is invalid, voidable, or
otherwise unenforceable, then this provision shall be deemed replaced
valid, enforceable a position that approximates the original intent
an invalid, voidable or unenforceable provision, as far as possible.
other provisions remain strength.

13. Sell goods

For the sale of goods on the site, these apply
https://prodnatural.com The terms and conditions set out in German
These Terms of Use are intended for situations in which the sale of productsin
question, also applied. When these Terms conflict with the Terms

14. Applicable law and competent court

Under consideration all disputes, including disputes in any way
related to the use of the website https://prodnatural.com as such
only one side will be solely governed by law and will settled by the competent court.